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Cloud based utility billing and accounting software. Accounting for public utilities provides a comprehensive analysis of accounting for public utilities, bringing into focus all the special types of accounting rules, situations, and adaptations that are essential in this highly specialized industry. Apr 24, 2008 some analysts use their utility bill accounting software to allocate costs from master meters to submeters or subsidiary accounts. A comprehensive utility billing and cis toolkit, our cloud based software is used every day by over 200 municipalities and companies in 3 countries.

Best quickbooks alternatives for your business in 2020. Aga accounting services committee above the line, below the line. Munibilling can be used to bill for any type of service or fee, allows for unlimited rates and tiers, and boasts integrations with automated meter reading systems, accounting packages, gis software. Our utility accounting software will save you money. Utility companies use this type of software to record usage data from meters and pair them with a billing rate in order to determine the appropriate charge for a customer each billing period. For purposes of energy accounting, however, it is important that the startend date day not be counted twice. U retirement of a utility plant, on the books, without its physical removal from its installed location. There are several ways in which data loss can occur. Sfas 71 is the primary utility accounting pronouncement accounting by public utilities should generally follow ratemaking treatment 15 sfas 71 sfas 71 includes provisions for including items on accounting books either before or after costs are incurred. Fullyintegrated with over 150 industry applications and partners. This free firmware update for helix and hx hardware processors introduces a new amp model, two new cab models, six new effects models, output and gain reduction meters, signal presentclip meters, and more. Aug 16, 2006 above the line, in accounting, denotes revenue and expense items that enter fully and directly into the calculation of periodic net income, in contrast to below the line items that affect capital accounts directly and net income only indirectly.

Computer software is defined broadly to include any program designed to cause a computer to perform a desired function. Jun 01, 2011 profit is above the line in the profit and loss account. Utility billing software aids in invoicing customers of utility services, such as gas, water, electricity, and more. This would normally takes staff hours, if not days, to complete a billing. This account shall include the utility s equity in the earnings or losses of subsidiary companies for the year. Scalable from the smallest to the largest utilities.

The most comprehensive utility business solutions on the market. Its simple dashboard helps companies centrally manage their finances. Small businesses to large enterprises face common challenges when it comes to managing their business finances. Chapter 5 discussed financial software used by accounting professionals, included sage 50. This function comes in handy when youre entering a batch of invoices. Quikwater is a utility billing software system designed for small to medium sized rural and municipal utilities. Above the line accounting utilities small business. Please listen to margaet heffermans tedtalk for information on being a more effective collaborator. Youll get predictable cash flow through timely payables and accurate accounting. Small utility accounting manual 8 page accounting is governed by the following equation. Above the line are a xero partner, and our accountants also have a wealth of experience with myob, quickbooks, sage one and other industry specific software. Abovetheline definition and meaning collins english.

The energy center, on the other hand, is 100% webbased, accessible from any browser or mobile device. Above the line atl on the income statement are profit or income separates. The utility maximizing rule suggests that sharon should. Frequently asked questions utility management services. Above the line, below the line financial concept business. Pdf utility software free download pdf utility top 4 download. The term does not refer to other activity that only impacts the financin. The key differences between above the line vs below the line are as follows above the line atl on the income statement are profit or income separates from other expenses they are sales cost of goods sold cogs, cost of sales and cost of services cos whereas below the line in accounting is an extraordinary income or expenses that. Utility billing software, you can effectively manage and bill any service. Most users at software advice like the invoicing and payment features of the solution. Usoa above or below the line zabovethe line or below the line.

Ampstun corp with over 30 years in the utility billing. However, a database or similar item is not considered computer software unless it is in the public domain and is incidental to the operation of otherwise qualifying computer software. I own an scorp and pay my heath insurance premiums. The bottom line is that in order for a shareholder to claim an above the line deduction, the health insurance premiums must ultimately be paid by the s corporation and must be reported as taxable compensation in the shareholders w2. Through the simple user interface, businesses can scan receipts and invoices promptly to ensure accuracy. Cusi develops, implements and supports a comprehensive line of technology solutions for managing the operational requirements of utilities and local governments. A computing arrangement in which yale as the end user does not take possession of the software. Regulatory reporting of some accounting items is above the. If regulation provides probable assurance that incurred costs will be. Above that line on the income statement, typically, are sales and cogs cost of goods sold or cos cost of sales or cost of services.

Glossary of utility finance and accounting terms used in our seminars letters in parenthesis, preceding the definition, identify the sources used in compiling the glossary. After a short phone call to assess your business size and software specific needs, our advisors can set you up with product demos and price quotes. In effect, the term includes all activity reported on an organizations income statement. Discussion of ratemaking concepts, including styles of ratemaking. This key calculates the net amount of an invoice and the vat element if you only have the gross. Invoice processing aum american utility management. This term is used by people in the know who deal with above and below the line items and account for expenses regularly. Instead the software application resides on the software vendors, or a third partys, hardware and yale accesses and uses the software on an asneeded basis over the internet or via a dedicated line. Quikwater provides exceptional versatility in user configurable bills, demand letters, and shut off notices. Sewer water and utility contractor construction software. If your pc suffers from slow boot times, system crashes, or other computing ills, download a tuneup utility. How to deduct health insurance as a sole proprietor filing.

Best utility billing software for small business 2020. Sharon jones purchases two products, mineral water and popcorn. All training is delivered in the same manner a specific agenda is defined and delivered to the customer at least three days prior to the delivery of the training. This term is used by people intheknow who deal with above and below the line items and account for expenses regularly. The solution supports both flat rates and singlestep, multiplestep, percentages, and more, and can store legal information related to each accounting within subdivisions, blocks, lots. Rate case and audit manual regulation body of knowledge. There is a category for insurance payments for health, longterm care and liability insurance. Jul 12, 2012 this line, the best fit line, is found using statistical regression techniques available in canned utility bill tracking software and in spreadsheets. Even though your data resides on your computer and not in the cloud, with its mac and windows versions, with its mobile apps and with some cloud functionality, accountedge is, in my opinion, your best desktop in other words, noncloud accountin. J excess received from stockholders over par value, or stated value, of the stock issued. Choosing the best utility bill tracking software abraxas. When running reports, utility manager and the energy center do all the necessary conversions to the units youve chosen for reporting. Utility ratemaking is the formal regulatory process in the united states by which public utilities set the prices more commonly known as rates they will charge consumers. To arrive at the gross profit, above the line job costs are subtracted from job income or.

Its features include bank account synchronization, invoice templates, revenue tracking and receipt management. Anyone can use the software as instructions are explained in plain english, not jargons. Above the line may also refer to the gross profit earned by the business. Customers purchase vehicles using a wide variety of payment methods, many of which involve intricate financing agreements with outside credit agencies that require rigorous tracking. Economic characteristics of the regulated utility industry.

Above the line items refer to incomes and expenses that relate to the normal operations of a company. We offer the following sewer, water and utility software products. When entering data from the invoice, your entry screens will allow you to select the exact line items and units that match each vendors invoice. A typical bill list in energycaps utiilty database illustrates this concept. At above the line accounting llc we undertand the importance of collaborating with our neighbors, colleagues, coworkers, and networking groups. This framework of standard accounting facilitates the financial comparison of utilities at either a. Gusto is the accounting software you need if your main task involves hr and payroll.

The simplehomenet utility suite provides a single interface to configure and setup the family of simplehomenet products. Utilities and power companies provides guidance for reporting entities in the utility and power industry to consider in the preparation of financial statements in accordance with u. Pdf utility software free download pdf utility top 4 download offers free software downloads for windows, mac, ios and android computers and mobile devices. A public power systems introduction to the federal energy. It is a complete accounting and invoicing platform that automates your time tracking, expense management, and invoicing workflows. These costs include those incurred for actors, music and. Ratemaking, typically carried out through rate cases before a public utilities commission, serves as one of the primary instruments of government regulation of public utilities. The ferc usoa does not preclude a utility from tailoring its accounting system to its needs, but, as mentioned above, provides a standard framework on which each utility s accounting system is to be based. These roles include but are not limited to the screenwriter, producer, director, and actors. We capture data from every utility invoice line item and we use an extensive validation system to ensure its accuracy. The marginal utility of mineral water is 60 and the marginal utility of popcorn is 30.

If you operate multiple facilities, you know that getting a grip on your electricity, natural gas, water, sewer, garbage, and other utility use and costs can be challenging. The best accounting software system for your business is freshbooks. Utilities are subject to accounting regulation by federal and state agencies generally, there is consistency between regulatory reporting and financial reporting regulatory reporting of some accounting items is above the line. A firm may classify certain expenditures as being capital expenditures, thereby pushing them below the line by shifting them from the income statement to the balance sheet. Above the line refers to the list of individuals who guide and influence the creative direction, process, and voice of a given narrative in a film and related expenditures. Abovetheline expenses and revenues are items related to utility. Are utilities required to use the ferc accounting system. With over 30 years in the utility billing industry, our customers come first.

Often, the term is used for matters related to the films production budget. Overhead items, or indirect costs, go below the line. Deduct the health insurance premiums under other common expense section. Cusi delivers customer information systems, utility billing, accounting and work asset management worldwide. Power and utilities accounting, financial reporting, and. Above the line refers to all revenue generated and expenses incurred by a business that have a direct impact on reported profits. Glossary of utility finance and accounting terms financial.

No other utility software compares in terms of flexibility, customization and ease of use and no other cooperative software vendor provides our level of customer support and training. Unlike the below the line items, these items count when calculating the profit earned or loss incurred during an accounting period. Items listed above the line tend to vary more in the short term than many of those below the line, and so tend to get more managerial attention. View a sample of this title using the readnow feature. If you cannot find the software you want in the categories above, then try browsing through the nch software list. The below the line definition is income or expense in accounting which have no noticeable effect on company profits in the current period. Black mountain software utility billing supports all the needs of utility billing while integrating with backend accounting, service orders, and more. Abovetheline costs for service providers or utilities generally includes. The accounting software is designed with small organizations in mind. Chapter 5 discussed financial software used by accounting professionals, included sage 50 accounting and quickbooks chapter 5 discusses the current state of application software. The guide is organized by topical area, and covers a broad range of guidance on accounting and financial reporting topics of interest to utilities and power. Built for small businesses, gusto simplifies your payroll process right from the start. Cogs consists of the costs directly related to producing jobs. This key inserts a line above the one youre working on.

Skybill utility is a web, desktop and mobile online billing software for utility companies such as water, gas, electricity or heating. As with most business technology, there are also potential issues and risks involved with fund accounting software. A different interpretation of the concept is that above the line refers to the gross margin earned by a business. Expense items are often referred to as above the line and. Below the line refers to line items in the income statement that do not directly impact a firms reported profits. The energy center is likewise powerful and userfriendly but is 100% webbased, accessible from any browser or mobile device. The utility manager is a remarkably powerful, yet easy to use utility accounting software package for windows xp, vista, win 7, or win 88. Most askedabout sage 50 alternatives software advice. The line that differentiates these costs is the gross profit. We discuss top differences between above the line and below the line along. The guide is organized by topical area, and covers a broad range of guidance on accounting and financial reporting topics of interest to utilities and power companies.

To learn more about quickbooks online, or any of the alternative accounting products listed above, call our financial management software experts at 855 9988505 for a free software consultation. Utility meters are assumed to be read at noon, and that day is both the end date of the current bill and the start date of the next. To highlight an industry sector growth area, we have also included a section on accounting and reporting concerns specific to. The core features of the software are in line with other accounting software packages on the market, offering a comprehensive management of accounts payable, receivable, invoicing and realtime fixed asset management. The next step is to ensure that the best fit line is good enough to use. The term does not refer to other activity that only impacts the financing or cash flows of the business. An energy managers intro to weather normalization of utility. Cis utility billing over 30 years of experience, 1,100 active utilities, over 9 million bills a month. What does above the line expense mean in accounting. Under this interpretation, revenues and the cost of goods sold are considered to be above the line, while all other expenses including operating expenses, interest and taxes are considered to be below the line. In this sample income statement, you can see that cogs is above the line of gross profit and operating expenses and taxes are below the line. Press this key to copy the information from the cell above into the current cell youre working on. It provides companies set rates and tariffs per customer, customer group, property, a period of time or any other variation.

Our inhouse invoice processing and payment platform will save you time and money. In fact, using upn for your cooperatives utility billing software is one of the smartest financial decisions you can make. The accounting needs for car dealerships are far more complex and multifaceted than your average business. Or, an expense is charged against a reserve account rather than being charged directly to expense. The utility manager is software that is installed on your network behind your firewall. Costs incurred during the production of an advertising commercial that are associated with the creative side of it. One major risk in any business system is the loss of critical data. Above the line vs below the line top 5 best differences. Click for software features and pricing information.

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