Francis turbine vs kaplan turbine pdf

The kaplan turbine runner has 38 blades while francis turbine runner has 1525 blades in general. Mavels kaplan turbines are designed for sites up to 20 mw per unit. The basic difference is that the kaplan turbines are axial flow turbines whereas the francis turbines are inward radial and axial flow hence it is also known as mix flow turbines. The energy available at the at the inlet of francis turbine is kinetic and pressure energy, where as for kaplan turbine only pressure energy is available at the inlet. On this channel you can get education and knowledge for general issues and topics. Propeller turbine vs kaplan turbine free download as powerpoint presentation. Therefore, in this article, we can discuss both the kaplan turbine and reaction turbine so that we can complete the session of hydraulic turbines. Difference between pelton, francis and kaplan turbines. What is the differences between pelton turbine and kaplan turbine. Kaplan turbine is smaller and compact when compared to francis turbine.

Flow analysis in a rotating blade channel of a turbine runner or a pump impeller. Kaplan turbine has lesser friction loss and higher efficiency. Difference between propeller turbine and kaplan turbine with reference to their runner blades. Propeller turbine vs kaplan turbine turbine machines.

The occurance of simmilar cracks as one presented in 2 on the. General arrangements for pelton, francis, kaplan and kaplan bulb turbine. Failure analysis of hydraulic turbine shaft request pdf. The rotation speed rpm is higher than that of the francis turbine. The rare case study described in paper 2 presents the results of failure analysis of turbine shaft kaplans 28 mw bulb turbine. Kaplan turbines can operate under a wide range of head conditions. What is the differences between pelton turbine and kaplan. This solution can be quite extensive in relation to construction work and. Difference between kaplan and francis turbine compare. Kaplan turbine is now widely used throughout the world for highflow, low head power production. Efficiency of kaplan turbine is higher than francis turbine. Kaplan turbine is smaller and compact compared to francis turbine.

The first option is to change the francis turbine for the kaplan or propeller turbine. Its invention allowed efficient power production in the low head application that was not possible with francis turbine. Pdf optimal rotational speed of kaplan and francis turbines. Differences between francis and kaplan turbines mech4study. A kaplan turbine is a water turbine that was developed by austrian professor viktor kaplan in 19 and francis turbine was developed by james. It is efficient over a wide range of water head and flow rate. Loss of energy due to friction of the blades is less due to the small number of blades. Francis turbine, pelton turbine, kaplan tubular turbine. The kaplan turbine was an evolution of the francis turbine. A read is counted each time someone views a publication summary such as the title, abstract, and list of authors, clicks on a figure, or views or downloads the fulltext. Mavel has more than 100 proprietary kaplan, francis. Kaplan turbine and francis turbine pdfcomponents, working. Francis turbine is radial flow turbine but in case of modern francis turbine water enters radially and leaves the turbine axially which is called as mixed flow turbine.

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