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A story of forbidden love, revenge and a family torn apart, inspired by true events. He has begun production of a movie version yanis varoufaskis adults in the room, about the economic problems faced by greece with a. When john steinbeck relocated the story of our expulsion from paradise to california, he called his novel east of eden. Auckland city to coast explorer auckland, new zealand. West of eden is the story of billy, a young maori man who goes to work in the country to escape accusations of. Giant and east of eden are of course, embedded in our conscienceless, but west of eden is a completely original film it shines. West of eden to explore gay love in 1960s new zealand nz. This treasure of a film,transported me back to an evocative time,an era that l really did have the good fortune to live through as a new zealander. A good old fashioned slow burn romance, with some hot guys in the main roles havent seen either of them on screen before but happy i have now. The highest of songwriting standards combined with the extraordinary voice of singer jenny schaub and a deep love for the traditional celtic folk music has earned. And its around era that two new zealand filmmakers have centred their latest movie. The affluent farmers son is everything billy desires. So whether you choose to go east or west of eden you would be on to a very good thing in either direction.

Aucklands west coast beaches north island new zealand. It was a great evening with plenty of questions for the cast and. West of eden premiered 22nd feb as part of the auckland pride festival 2017. Recently,l had the very good fortune to attend a showing of a locally produced film. It is about a wayward young man who, while seeking his own identity, vies for the affection of his deeply religious father against his favored brother, thus retelling the story of cain and abel. This caliber of a film has been a long time coming, no flippant script or twodimensional characters found in this piece of cinematic charm. New zealand independent drama following a young maori man who moves to the country to rebuild his life after facing prejudices around his sexual orientation. Developed by filmmakers, for filmmakers, the studio complex was first used by warner bros. Written and produced by vanessa riddell, and directed and edited by her husband alastair riddell, the film is the couples second feature after 2014 romance broken hallelujah. Lopdell film festival west of eden auckland eventfinda. West of eden set in rural new zealand during the 1960s, west of eden tells the story of two men in love, at odds with the inherent conservatism of their.

The west coast, from manukau heads to muriwai beach, has a way of bewitching people, and once ensnared, its hard to leave. The original title in greek is paradissos sti dysi paradise in west and since it is a greekfrench production, the. A low budget new zealand film can sometimes spell disaster, but west of eden engages the audience through its controversial and unique subject matter. With kieran foster, luke thompson, peter hansen, vanessa riddell.

Glen eden, auckland, new zealand, maps, list of streets, street view. Costsgavras has always made movies with topical themes. Karekare is one of aucklands most magnificent beaches, its isolation adding to its. There are also a stunning array of outdoor activities including zip lining, archery, clay pigeon. Harry harrison, an acknowledged master of imaginative fiction, broke new ground with west of eden. The following paragraph is lifted entirely from wikipedia. John steinbecks east of eden is one of my alltime favorite novels, the late great harry harrisons west of eden is another one. A low budget new zealand film can sometimes spell disaster, but west of eden engages the audience through its controversial and unique.

Aucklands hauraki gulf is home to a selection of beautiful islands, the most well known of which is waiheke island sometimes called the island of wine, waiheke is a yearround favourite with something to suit everyone from wine tours to art studio visits or simply relaxing on a secluded beach. List of streets in glen eden, auckland, new zealand. Set in rural new zealand during the summer of 1960. Among vast tracks of inherited wealth, conservatism and honour meet undercurrents of retribution and ambition. West of eden m, 118mins directed by alastair riddell debuting at this years auckland pride festival, this kiwi period drama suffers from sometimes sweeping soapesque plotting, uneven. West of eden set in rural new zealand during the 1960s, west of eden tells the story of two men in love, at odds with the inherent conservatism of their surroundings. West of eden is visually beautiful with an authentic 1960s look and stunning nz country scenery. Eden is west 2009 illegal immigrants struggle to live in the eu. This is a place held together by allegiances, fractured by isolation and hidden desires. Of more than 5000 hectares of rock forest that once shrouded the lava boulderfields of the auckland isthmus. West of eden is an acknowledgment of how far we have come and a reminder of what we must always strive to maintain. New gay movie teaser from new zealand in cinemas in new zealand from aprilmay 2017.

He brought to vivid life the world as it might have been, where dinosaurs survived, where their intelligent descendants challenged humans for mastery of earth, where a young hunter named kerrick grew among the dinosaurs and rose to become their most feared enemy. Sadly,l am bound to say,the magicthat was has long since vanished into the ether. Nestled in the heart of the regions filmmaking hub in aucklands west, kumeu film studios is an exciting new addition to the studio landscape. Overall definitely a good new zealand film that i would watch again. East of eden is a 1955 drama film, directed by elia kazan, and loosely based on the fourth and final part of the 1952 novel of the same name by john steinbeck. Auckland wine trail tours, manukau, 147 clovelly road, auckland, new zealand, bucklands beach, manukau, auckland. State cinema, devonport private film club devonport, auckland. If you like european or british films you will enjoy west of eden. The film explores the difficulties and struggle that a homosexual man would have had to experience in new zealand in the 1960s, being both not. West of eden is an independent film set in rural new zealand in the 1960s.

Kumeu film studios new zealands newest film studios. Mix and mingle with cast and crew, raise a glass of bubbly and enjoy this beautiful movie. East of eden, american film drama, released in 1955, that was an adaptation of john steinbecks novel of the same name. In this modern retelling of the story of cain and abel, dean portrayed cal trask, a troubled youth in competition with his brother. West of edens central love story gets a little lost amongst all other. Set in rural new zealand during the summer of 1960 and into the winter months that follow. Eden is west is just one in a long line of fine politically conscious films. West of eden to explore gay love in 1960s new zealand nz herald. It would have been decidedly grim, to say the least. A film was written with sophistication and realised with integrity. Home cinema directory blog cinema of the month related videos bay of plenty. New zealands iconic national stadium hosts international and national sports events take a complimentary membership tour call 09 815 5174.

Glen eden nz history butterworth old west post office auckland taxi west coast new zealand glen eden post office, 262 west coast rd, glen eden. Pictures and gravity pictures for production of shark attack blockbuster the meg starring jason. Ps the music score was excellent, sensitively supporting and integrated into the core of the film. When harvey first glimpsed karekare from his bike as a 14yearold, the roads were notoriously bad, and although gravel has given way to tarseal, getting there can still be a daunting experience, particularly for first. West of eden is a swedish band that for over a decade has thrilled audiences with their unique sound. Jean steins moral compass points the other way, but her oral history of. Eden is west features some nice scenic cinematic shots from beach sunsets to white mountainous panoramic views to pastoral farmlands. Eden in auckland one of the rarest ecologies in the world is hiding in plain sight, in the centre of the most central suburb of the largest city in new zealand. First nz movie i have seen this year, and man it sets the bar high. In the parallel universe of this novel, earth was not struck by an asteroid 65 million years.

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