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For decades these alternators have been powering lycoming continental engines with unmatched performance and reliability. We have overhaul capability on fordcessna, chryslerpiper,tcm and prestoliteelectrosystems kelly aerospace alternators. We have the alternators you need, with fast shipping and great prices. Browse our selection of bendix dual magnetos below. There is some minor corrosion on the pulley of the alternator as shown in the pictures. Starters kelly aerospace kelly aerospace, cessna fuel.

It will show up as a line item in the cart with the current charge clearly displayed. On the permold crankcase a gear driven, alternator is located in front of the number 5 cylinder. Service information letter hartzell engine technologies. Engine romec crane romec crane lycoming pn kaps kelly lycoming pn model pn fuel pump pn fuel pump m for romec pn fuel pump for does not comply wad20031403 complies with ad20031403 m pump ad20031403 does not apply to this pump kelly pump go480a1a rg9080f2 rg9080f2m 62e22580 200f5001 62e23185 go. Quality aircraft accessories stocks a wide variety of bendix dual magnetos. All kelly aerospace p ower systems technical man uals previously or newly issued. It has been determined that alternators manufactured andor overhauled on august 23, 1995 through august 17, 2004 may have brushes made of material that could reduce the service life of the alternator. A trusted brand since 1988, kelly aerospace provides an extensive line of ignition system components. Service, maintenance, overhaul, and parts catalogs will no longer offer a yearly subscription service. For you convenience teledyne continental motors provides product warranty information on our web site at. Is the falcon overhaul chrysler alternator tsodstcd for certified aircraft.

We create, design, and engineer not only the aircraft engine parts with our inhouse resources, but also the tooling and manufacturing processes. Kelly aerospace is your general aviation ignition source, delivering a new level of excellence. This was the left mag on lyc o360a1a, shower of sparks system retard points mag. Kelly aerospace es4000 series alternators from aircraft. Publication number m0, standard practice maintenance manual for spark ignited engines is now. Aircraft engine replacement parts, repair kits, deluxe repairs, and. Aircraft turbochargers as a hartzel engine technologies het recommended service facility rsf, qaa offers the most complete range of options for service or exchange of your aircraft turbocharger. We have 19 kelly aerospace aircraft alternators for sale. Hartzell kelly es7024 belt driven alternator inspection. Mz series starters kelly aerospace alternators starters north america and aog 1. We have the ability to repair or overhaul slick and bendix magnetos, starters, alternators, precision fuel systems carburetors and fuel injection systems, continental fuel systems, continental oil pumps, and continental starter adapters to name a few. Effective january 19, 2015, kelly aerospace energy systems kaes has acquired the aero accessories, inc. Sep 30, 2010 kent kelly, kelly aerospaces founder and chairman, will also continue with hartzell engine technologies in order to ensure a successful transition from kelly aerospace. See contact information at the end of this bulletin.

Overhauled bendix magnetos by kelly aerospace california. We overhaul, exchange, repair, and bench check aircraft alternators. The current core charge will be automatically added to your shopping cart once you add the alternator. Always refer to the parts and service manual of the original equipment manufacturer or to aircraft type certificate data sheets or other faaapproved data to determine eligibility of a part or component for. If you have determined that exchange is your best option, qaa offers both factory rebuilt and overhauled turbochargers. These include but are not limited to the oea2 alternator and starter manual, the 200200 fuel pump manual, the 4006000000 turbocharger manual, 4009990000 turbocharger valves and. Aircraft alternators require battery power to stimulate a magnetic field and provide current throughout the airplanes engine. Kelly aerospace service manual, oea2 this manual is divided into separate sections. Hartzell engine technologies overhauls these alternator drive couplings for the gear driven tcm alternators. Maintenance alert for 2006 february fsims federal aviation. Along with the costeffective overhaul products kelly offers through air power, inc. These include but are not limited to the oea2 alternator and starter manual, the 200200. Service bulletins continental aerospace technologies.

The new revision policy procedure is described below. Kelly aerospace magneto repair kits include contacts, capacitor, bearings, oil seal, oil slinger, woodruff keys, cotter pin, cam screw, felt washer, felt strip, snap ring and carbon brush. Quality aircraft accessories comprehensive stock allows for 12 day lead time on overhauls and repairs. Kelly aerospace power systems aircraft turbocharger valves and controls overhaul manual 4009990000 no no no yes kelly aerospace power systems alternator overhaul oea2 no reference no yes kelly aerospace power systems lightweight series alternator overhaul manual es101012 no reference no yes. Hartzell engine technologies es4000 series alternators as the oem, hartzell engine technologies offers factory new alternators engineered specifically to meet the challenges and increased demands of todays aircraft electrical systems. Alternator, kelly aerospace power systems service information letter no. The current oe2a service manual may obtained directly from kelly aerospace by contacting customer service at 18773595355.

This alternator is close to brand new and only has been on an airplane for a couple hours for the ferry flight from the piper factory. All starters are tested to manufacturers original operating specs before we release it. We load test every unit to manufactuers original operating specs before we release it to you. The discrepancy states, the alternator froze up upon engine shutdown. To transmit kelly aerospace turbine rotables service information letter. Page 2 of 6 kelly aerospace service information letter no.

Cessna 172n lyco o320h2ad kelly aerospace alternator volts. An faa 83 airworthiness certificate is available upon request. All hartzell engine technologies, formerly kelly aerospace energy systems. The repair kits contain the parts needed for minor repair such as a 500 hour inspection. Kelly aerospace combustion air pressure switch pn 94e423 closed at all.

Number description alternator affected service publication list sil a5 es10024 alternator continued airworthiness ica es10024 all dash no. Your aircraft is not getting off the ground without a quality ignition and we believe strongly in the quality of the kits from kelly. Tcm alternator inspection information is in the enfgine maintenance manual and alternator service manual. We overhaul, exchange, repair, and bench check aircraft fuel injection systems. We also carry overhauled clutch drives for delcoremy cable pull starters. Fuel under pressure from the pump enters the aircraft fuel servo which meters the fuel pressure and flow. Guaranteed to work and pass your inspection or your money back.

Heat the rear bearing seat with a 1,000 w hair drier for about 5 minutes 5060c, 129140f. Service document master index 2019 4th qtr disposable oil filter removal. Teledyne continental aircraft engine service publication should be made through these facilities. February 26, 2004 kelly aerospace power systems, inc.

It came off a brand new warrior iii where the new owner proceeded to do a diesel engine conversion on the aircraft. Just remove the old drive gear from your old mag and install on the new mag comes with new cotter key. Contains important information pertaining to your aircraft. Aircraft accessories of oklahoma handles aircraft alternators and alternator drive couplings. The xdrive starter is newest in the light weight, high torque starter lineup from kelly aerospace. Kelly aerospace replacement carburetors for continental from. This acquisition includes the bendix and slick pmad replacement parts along with magneto repair kits. Kelly aerospace is a leading original equipment manufacturing supplier to the aviation industry and the worlds largest private oem for aircraft aftermarket magnetos, replacement parts, and ignition harness. Kelly aerospace alternatorsstarters aviallability 335 alternator starter magnaflite mfg. This is a cessna 172n lyco o320h2ad kelly aerospace alternator pn d0ff10300br sn io14994.

West corona, ca midwest west chicago, il east peachtree. Technical portions accepted by the federal aviation administration. Its a very spaceefficient design because the alternator mounts directly to the engine case with no external brackets, shafts, pulleys, or beltsand the associated maintenance issues that those. Kelly aerospace alt8521r alternators for sale arlington tx. Consult the kelly aerospace oe2a service manual to determine the proper ohm value for you specific alternator. Aircraft fuel injection overhaul aircraft accessories. The kelly aerospace energy systems, llc kaes alternator model es10024 is of a new design coming into the general aviation market and its applications, though numerous, are not extensive. Procedures specified in this service letter must be accomplished with the standards and techniques set forth in the app roved. New aircraft ignition harnesses are available on virtually all franklin, lycoming, and continental motors engines. The oil cooler is in front of the number 5 cylinder and an integral type oil screen is incorporated in the oil pump.

Most kelly part numbers include the part number of the original manufacturer, ensuring an easy determination of replacement applicability. Teledyne continental alternators jacks small engines. Hartzell alternators quality aircraft accessories, inc. All hoses and control cables were replaced, and components such as the starter, alternator, and vacuum pump were overhauled at the same time. Lycoming piston engines power more than half of the worlds general aviation fleet both rotarywing and fixedwing.

The sdrs data base records six additional entries having this part number and similar defects, all reported in 2005. To advise owners, operators and maintenance facilities of the possible loss of alternator electrical output and the release of a new alternator statorrectifier assembly for the subject alternators. Metered fuel from the servo travels to the fuel flow divider and then out to the fuel injectors. We have overhaul capability on prestoliteelectrosystems kelly aerospace, and tcm starters. Aircraft spruce carries the full line of alternators, and starters which are remanufactured by kelly. The noted engines under the hoods are continental io360s. Check the time in service on the unit and begin inspections at the nearest time interval and task. Kelly aerospace magneto replacement parts aircraft spruce. Brown iii, president of tailwind technologies, said, adding hartzell engine technologies to our group of aircraft supplier companies is an exciting new step for. The previous submitter inspects another piper 28 having alternator problems. Maintenance alert for 2006 april fsims federal aviation. Targeted toward users that want one of the industries lightest but most powerful starter on the market, the xdrive delivers the same high torque, low current draw, and superior duty cycle that had previ.

Magnetos kelly aerospace kelly aerospace, cessna fuel. We also overhaul magnaflite starters from kelly aerospace. Hartzell engine technologies hartzell engine technologies, cessna fuel pumps, aircraft alternators select a category from the list on the left hartzell engine technologies primary focus is dedicated to their five 5 core product lines. Precision rsa5 service manual, 15338 amended by service bulletins and publication precision ma45 manual, msahbk1 revisions that are issued by superior air parts champion aerospace service manual, av6r inc. Fuel injector nozzles manufactured by continental motors after dec 2005 are etched on. If an es10024 alternator is installed, the periodic inspections of chart 1 found on page 5 apply. The newly produced overhaul and maintenance manual is not yet available to qualified repair stations and mechanics. Model fuel pump aircraft engine overhaul continental. Gear driven, directdrive alternators are commonly found on more powerful engines, such as the continental motors io550b in our 1975 a36 bonanza. We also offer bendix dual magneto overhaul and repair services, allowing for efficient, costeffective use. Falcon aero alternators are overhauled using only faapma or faa approved components.

The deluxe repair kits contain the parts needed for major repair such as a magneto overhaul. For alternators parts and accessories, think jacks. Kelly aerospace is composed of three specialized divisions. Magneto, teledyne continental ignition systems bulletin no. While the primary responsibility of the battery is to start the airplane engine, an aircraft alternator s primary responsibilities are to supply electrical power to all vital equipment on the airplane and to. These magneto repair kits are designed to simplify the bendix magneto overhaul process by providing all of the commonly needed overhaul parts in one convenient kit. Currently available for bendixcmi 20200 series and bendixcmi 1200 series aircraft magnetos.

Please direct any questions regarding the transition of the product line to kelly aerospace. To provide notification of mandatory replacement of cooling fan and pulley assemblies on tcm pn 656872, kelly aerospace pn es702411 and tcm pn 657199 kelly aerospace es702414 backup alternators. The aviation maintenance alerts provide a common communication channel. Items represent mandatory replacement parts required at each overhaul and are available in repair kits from kelly aerospace, inc.

Circled items represent mandatory replacement parts required at each overhaul, and are available in repair kits from kelly aerospace, inc. Kelly aerospace alternators from aircraft spruce europe. Aircraft spruce supplies components for a wide variety of homebuilt aircraft and discount pilot supplies. Nc08030 182t, t182t standby alternator installation page 1 of 10 kelly aerospace cannot be responsible for the quality of work performed by others while fulfilling the requirements of this service letter. The overhaul and installation went off without a hitch. For alternators manufactured prior to september 22, 2000 at alternator or engine overhaul, replace existing alternator with an alternator incorporating. Aerospce for installation in general aviation aircraft.

Continental a65, a75 series aircraft engines teledyne continental motors on. If you demand quality and a quick turnaround, then kelly aerospace overhauled bendixtcm magnetos and faapma approved replacement parts are your answer. On january 5, 2005 69 fr 75228, december 16, 2004, the director of the federal register approved the incorporation by reference of kelly aerospace power systems service bulletin no. The maintenance manual test for the system specifies to hold both brake pedals and spin. The overhaul facility was one of the most reputable in the country, one to which i would send my own engine without a second thought. Io550 permold series engine maintenance and overhaul manual.

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