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My high school has a student lead book club and i was elected our president. Use these 101 after school club ideas for kids to help you form your own club. We have our book club on the first monday of every month, which makes it easy to remember and to plan for. You can either host the book club at a local library, the school library, or at your home. Many students are not ready to begin book clubs early in the school year. Book clubs is a place to share a love for reading and to watch your students devour books and have rich discussions about the text. How to start a book club for elementary students wehavekids. Just choose the participation level thats appropriate for the age level, says kris cannon, a former elementary school teacher and currently the librarian at mills high school in california, where she has started several lunchtime book clubs for high school students. As students brainstorm rules, write them on chart paper so that they can be posted in the classroom.

Here are some tips for how to have a successful book club and discussion in our class. Its more fun to read the same book with your buddies, which is why book clubs are especially great for reluctant readers. If you have a schoolage child, its the perfect time to start a book club with them, their peers, and their peers. The second half of the video shows you what not to do. Dana johansen has taught elementary and middle school for more than fifteen years. Nycs district 75 published their middle school units of study. Book clubs is definitely a place to pull listening and speaking grades and we also use them for work completion grades, but to us, book clubs is not a place for grades. Even better, imagine your student readers encouraging other student readers from home.

School clubs are a great way to help kids develop a number of skills such as social, problem solving, and critical thinking. This is part 2 of a blog post miniseries to help you run book clubs with elementary students. Ask students to set ground rules for interacting in book clubs. A blog full of tips, lessons, and ideas to use in the upper elementary classroom. Imagine being able to encourage your student readers from home. Book clubs are an opportunity for students to form partnerships in reading. Each book has activities to start the discussion and teach the behaviors to create a strong foundation in your classroom. Book clubs in the middle school ela classroom i recently posted about book clubs in my classroom and i have gotten tons of questions about how i run them on both of my posts.

Whether you are looking to start a math club, science, club, theatrical club, or even a sports based club this is. This is my first time running a club and having a teacher depend on. And the kinds of conversations students have in book clubs open the door to them learning from not only the various perspectives. S students are having student lead authentic discussions in book clubs. This lesson is based on the book back to school rules b. Book clubs in the middle school ela classroom the hungry. Book club guidelines poster free kids book club, book club.

What to do when youve tried book clubs in your classroom, and. Whether it is a beforeschool breakfast club, afterschool program, or summer program, elementary school book clubs are educational and fun. Ideally, students will come up with rules that support community. The most important rule to establish is a no ugliness rule. The lunch bunch book club is a program that can be held in a school library or in a. In october she focuses on students reading a book with a partner so that. Book club book ideas for kids in 2nd and 3rd grade. Elementary school book clubs are a great way to engage children while developing their critical thinking skills and keeping them interested in reading. Krystal millsbook club, free book club poster, book club. House system inspired by the ron clark academy at our school.

This club is a chance for students to read just because its fun and because they. At any age, being in a book club teaches kids valuable skills. The student book club guide includes a pdf handout to get students andor parents started in creating, organizing and loving their book club. The behavior basics book club was created to help teach students the basics of behavior through childhood classic books. Whether youre considering a classroom book club for the first time, or are. Choose a time and day to meet, and keep it as consistent as possible every month. A few startup tips from vicki levy krupp, coauthor of the kids book club book. The book clubs happen outside of school, at recess, and at times during smallgroup reading. My cousin, who just recently passed the licensure for teachers, will be teaching grade school pupils. Book clubs are a great way to engage students with reading and help build a reading culture at your school. Get started with book clubs in the elementary classroom. Prerequisites for thriving book clubs and launching the club.

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