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It starts with industryleading aerodynamic shaping for faster clubhead speed and for advancing ball speed and distance standards utilizing velocity slot technology. Alan unruh, pga professional discusses the features and benefits of the adams speedline super ls driver. As you know you can adjust the driver up or down by 1, but the difference between the 10. Free free regsitration required you can use the filters on the righthand side to show and hide individual golfer based on handicap and clubhead speed. Adams driver regular flex golf clubs for sale ebay. Adams showes the ls as having a lower lie angle by a solid 3 degrees before any adjustments. Pieces include an aerodynamic titanium 460cc driver, lowprofile speedline 3wood and 5wood clubs, a classic adams putter and more. The slot design in the sole of the club increases the size of the sweet spot making it incredibly easy to hit straighter and with more distance. He brought us the new adams speedline 9064ls driver. Ive played a few rounds with it and have been alternating between it and my r11. Aug 28, 2012 adams speedline tech driver written by.

Adams 9064ls speedline technology is back in black. Now that really is a great bargain i have a super s speedline 15 degree 3 wood that i hit about as long as speedliine taylormade superfast driver yards average and i hit it straight. The speedline tech takes that shaping to the sixth generation featuring improved slopes, curves and size to help the club cut through the air faster for even more clubhead speed and distance. I have just bought a new adams speedline super s adjustable driver and was wondering if there was a best fit setting on it for my golfing drive. As usual, testing was done at tarks indoor golf, a state of the art indoor golf facility located in saratoga springs, ny. With my old driver, i hit the ball so high that i was losing a lot of distance. The slot in the sole of the club, behind the face, is. Set the driver to the highest loft and youll see a closed face. You may recall that earlier this year we put adams speedline fast 10 driver through our test process. Golfspy t if youre adams golf right now, im probably the last guy you want to send a driver. The acquisition of adams golf by taylormade adidas golf hasnt hamperedadams product introductions. Adams speedline super s and super ls driver general.

The adams speedline 9088 ul driver has been developed with the latest aerodynamic technology to come from the adams golf testing lab. The speedline draw driver features wind tunnel engineering for superior aerodynamics with an improved crown shape, optimized club face, and heeltoe scoops engineered for reduced drag and more speed resulting in 34 mph increase in clubhead speed for 39 more yards of carry. At first glance i didnt notice this design but after swing the club a few times i felt the smoothness. The speedline super ls also lets players adjust the loft, lie and face angle. Different strokes, brands, looks for different folks, jack. In addition to endorsing its products, pro golfer tom watson assists in design and testing. Adams introduces new speedline tech driver golfwrx. The speedline super s is the first adams driver to feature. Nov 26, 2015 the adams golf speedline super s driver features a revolutionary new design in adjustability that means it is changeable from 9. The adams golf speedline super s driver features a revolutionary new design in adjustability that means it is changeable from 9.

Looking back through the drivers weve tested since then, i. The speedline complete golf club set by adams comes with a lightweight stand bag and rain cover. The quickadjusting adams speedline super ls driver adjusts to allow golfers the ability to dial in their loft and lie angle. The adams speedline fast 12 ls driver gives you more options in terms of loft, face and lie angle, and shaft length. I went to the range last month to do a comparison session and about half way through i hit one a little to close to the hosel. Aug 25, 2015 set the driver to the highest loft and youll see a closed face. The all black unique design, black aldila rip shaft, silver accents and deep club face really come together and make this a great looking club. Enter to win one of two adams speedline tech drivers. For our test of the adams speedline tech driver we collected detailed performance data from 4 testers who were asked to hit a series of shots on our 3track equipped simulators from aboutgolf.

Before i give away the ending of the story, lets start with the beginning. I was one of the lucky winners of the adams speedline tech driver giveaway back in the fall. The speedline tech driver puts adams latest performance and technology in a driver for the masses that adds up to 11 more yards in distance. I have played ping g2, titleist 907 d1 and titleist 909 d2 recently and this adams club has as hot a face as any of those others. Designed to offer low spin lower than the super s model, the super ls driver is built to offer an efficient ball flight with an optimum trajectory. The look and feel of this club is really beyond comparison. The adams speedline super s is the companys first driver since being acquired by taylormade golf in early 2012, and it shows. With adams fast fit adjustability, golfers can adjust the lie, loft, length. Adams speedline super ls golf driver offers ultimate adjustability. Check out this index for easy access to all of our coverage of golf news, instruction, equipment and courses. Oct 12, 2010 adams 9064ls speedline technology is back in black. Adams says that this driver offers the lowest spin of any. Which setting should i use on my new adjustable driver. The adams speedline super s driver is shaped for maximum speed.

If you recall, last years 9064ls is the highest scoring driver weve ever tested, and remains the standard by which all others are judged. Adams speedline plus complete set closeout complete golf. Review of adams golf super s speedline driver the a position. Buy new and used adams speedline tech driver from the best golf shop. The speedline super s driver is the first adams golf driver to feature vst, said. It set up very square and loft was just about right on. The club head has the shape of modern day cycling riders helmets. I roll so flat on all my ironswedges that it would be nice to have a driver that helps out in that regard at least somewhat as well. Earlier this year ceo chip brewer departed to take control at callaway, and the behemoth known as taylormadeadidas corp spent 70 million bucks to bring adams into their family. With the quickadjusting super ls driver, you can dial it in for the exact loft and lie angle for efficient ball flight with perfect trajectory and spin. With technology like this, the speedline complete set is a smart choice for any golfer who wants to get more distance, ball speed and easy to hit playability. Buy new and used adams speedline super s driver from the best golf shop.

The white crown and diagonal line design across the back of the head give that away. The latest is the speedlinetechdriver featuring the fastfit adjustment system the company says can deliver up to 11yards more distance with 54% better accuracy. Feb 22, 20 adams golf super s and super ls drivers interview 20 pga merchandise show todays golfer duration. Adams golf has pioneered velocity slot technology, and engineers have now brought it to the super s driver. Speedline set the standard for easy to hit innovation. The first thing i noticed about the adams super s speedline and youll probably do the same was the liptype design when viewing the crown of the club. Adams product line is by no means limited to tight lies fairway woods, as the company produces and sells a full range of product including drivers, wedges, putters, hybrid irons and more. Aug 08, 20 head, which helps to make this adams lowestspinning driver ever. Dec 17, 2012 the adams speedline super s driver certainly bears a striking resemblance to the taylormade family that it is now part of. Adams speedline plus full set the adams speedline plus full set sets the standard for easytohit innovation.

Just when the big boys are thinking they are creating distance from their competitors, adams golf comes up with another winner, the adams speedline. Jan 15, 2019 how to adjust adams speedline tech driver download posted on january 15, 2019 by admin while the performance is clearly on par with most anything else out there, none of our testers walked away from our tests lusting after the speedline tech. This breakthrough technology has been testing is a wind tunnel to help reduce drag and increase clubhead speed for increased distance. I bought the driver from a friend and have no instructions about how to adjust the club to get the lowest possible trajectory. The speedline super s driver is the first adams golf driver to feature vst, said scott burnett, director of advanced product development for adams golf. The quickadjusting adams speedline super ls driver adjusts to allow.

When holding the driver, is that noticable to you at all. Jul 26, 2012 adams golf led the revolution of aerodynamic shaping with the original speedline driver helping golfers swing the club faster and gain more distance. Jul 04, 2014 the cutthru slot technology creates a hot face right at the limits of usga rules yes, its still legal and give the golfer higher ball speeds and greater distances which should make the adams xtd driver an easy choice for a front runner. Adams speedline tech driver adapter club makingfitting. Adams speedline complete set discount prices for golf equipment. Too early to tell just how well this driver will do, but by the looks of it, well. A deep face ensures the launch is still high, though. Adams golf introduced two drivers in 20, the speedline super s and the speedline super ls. Set it to the lowest loft and the face will be open. If its a 10 degree driver, it will always be 10 degrees, no matter how you twist it. Overview adams golf introduced two drivers in 20, the speedline super s and the speedline super ls. The adams speedline tech does everything you can hod in an ultralight driver and then some.

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